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FAQ of Jinxi intelligent control

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1. What to do if the communication between kinseal HMI and PLC fails?

First confirm whether the kinseal HMI communication protocol supports the PLC communication, then open the kinseal Studio software to check the communication protocol under COM1 in the system parameter connection settings, pop up the protocol dialog box, select the correct PLC manufacturer protocol, and set the correct maximum read-write length and frame interval time. Then open COM1 to check whether the communication parameters, such as baud rate, calibration mode, data bit, stop bit, communication mode and station number, are set correctly. Finally, check if there is a problem with the communication line.

2. How many communication ports does kinseal HMI have?

Kns035 series has two serial ports and supports two-way 485 communication mode (only supports RS485 communication mode). Sup043 and sup070 have one-way communication screen (supporting RS232, RS422 and RS485 communication modes), and two-way communication screen (the first way supports RS232 / RS422 / RS485 communication mode, and the second way only supports 485 communication mode).

3. What is the reason why kinseal HMI always reports communication error in a certain screen?

1. First check whether the address in the screen is set incorrectly or the address is out of range. Then open the communication protocol under COM1 in connection settings to check whether the maximum read / write length and frame interval are set correctly

2. Check whether there is a picture macro in the picture, maybe the macro instruction can't read the data in the picture address

4. Why can't the configuration program uploaded from kinseal HMI to PC be opened?

Because the program uploaded from kinseal HMI is a compressed file with the suffix KNR, open the kinseal Studio software, click the file in the menu bar, select the compression / decompression option, find the compressed file according to the path, then select the save path of decompression, click Start decompression, after decompression, you can open the decompression configuration with kinseal Studio software

5. Write a configuration program, save it and send it to the customer. The customer downloads it to kinseal HMI. The customer reflects that the control in the configuration has only text, why there is no picture, why?

This is because there is no compression after the configuration program is written. After writing a configuration program, it should be sent to the customer or other technical personnel, and the compressed file should be sent to the customer after compression

6. How does kinseal studio compress a configuration program?

Open the written configuration program, click the file in the menu bar, select the compression / decompression option, browse and select the save path, and then click Start compression. After compression, a file with the suffix. KNR will be generated. This is the compressed file.

7. How to install driver in kinseal HMI?

First, connect the download cable of kinseal HMI with the computer, power on the touch screen, right-click My computer to open the device manager. If the driver is not installed successfully, an unsuccessful driver with yellow exclamation mark (!) will appear in the port of the device manager. Right click the driver with yellow exclamation mark, select update driver software, and then click browse computer to find the driver software. Finally, click Browse to find the installation directory of kinseal Studio software, find the installation directory, select the usbdriver folder in the directory, and click OK until the driver is installed successfully.

8. What is the voltage range of kinseal HMI?

DC 9v-24v power supply.

9. What is the temperature range of kinseal HMI? Can it be used outdoors?

0 to + 50 degrees Celsius. Strictly speaking, it can not be used outdoors, because the direct sunlight outside will make the LCD aging, and the rain will also erode the touch screen panel and motherboard. If you must use it outdoors, please take necessary protective measures.

10. What is the opening size of each model?

Kns035en series 68 (W) x 68 (H) (mm)

Kns043en series 130 (W) x 80 (H) (mm)

Kns070en series 192 (W) x 138 (H) (mm)

11. What do the three indicators on the kinseal HMI panel represent?

From top to bottom, the first one is the (green) power indicator, the second one is the (red) operation indicator (flashing indicates normal operation), and the third one is the communication indicator (flashing indicates normal communication).

12. What is the use of two red switches on the back of kinseal HMI?

The first dial switch is used to upgrade the lower program, and the second dial switch is used to download from U disk.

13. How to upgrade kinseal HMI?

There are three upgrade methods

1. After writing the configuration program, download the program to kinseal HMI, and the lower part will be updated automatically.

2. Open the written configuration program, click the tool in the menu bar to select the upgrade option, and the upgrade dialog box will pop up. Click Browse to find the installation directory of kinseal Studio software, find the firmware folder in the installation directory, open the firmware file, and select the lower program with the suffix. Bin according to the model size of kinseal HMI. (the 3.5-inch screen uses the lower program of kinseal035.bin, the 4.3-inch screen uses the lower program of kinseal043.bin, and the 7.0-inch screen uses the lower program of kinseal070.bin) after selecting the lower program, click to start the upgrade. After the upgrade is successful, it will prompt that the upgrade is successful, and the kinseal HMI will automatically restart.

3. Turn the first dial switch on the back of kinseal HMI to on, and then restart the touch screen. After restart, the touch screen will be black all the time. Open turbowriter upgrade software, and click this to open the software (please refer to the help in kinseal Studio software for specific methods).

14. How to upgrade the software of kinseal HMI? Do you have to uninstall the old version every time you install the new version? Will it cause conflicts?

No need to uninstall, the new version of the direct installation to cover the old version. (the new version is installed under the installation path of the old version)

15. What are the current sizes of kinseal HMI?

At present, there are three sizes, kns035, kns043 and kns070

16. Does kinseal HMI have I / O points?

Kns035 has three I / O points, kns043 and kns070 have no I / O points at present

17. How to use custom gallery?

Enter the gallery from the switch control or image display and other controls, and the gallery setting dialog box will pop up. There is an add custom Gallery file under the gallery dialog box. Click this button to use the user-defined pictures, such as screenshots, downloaded pictures and self-made pictures

18. Does kinseal HMI support control overlay?

Stack function is not supported at present

19. Kinseal HMI drifts, can it be corrected?

Yes, click the switch control to select function button, and select touch correction for function setting

20. After the written configuration program is compiled with the new version of software, it cannot be opened with the old version of software. Is there any way to open it?

Compress the configuration program on the old version of software to generate a compressed file, and then decompress the compressed file in the new version of software to open it

21. Can kinseal HMI collect data once every 10ms?

No, at present, the minimum cycle is 1 s acquisition

22. Can three different alarm addresses be set in the alarm settings of kinseal Studio software?

No, only one alarm address can be created in the alarm setting, and the alarm address is continuous

23. Download the written configuration program to kinseal HMI. Why is there an @? And there's no state change when you press this switch?

Because the switch has set the bit controlled or user level controlled in the effective touch control in the permission setting, the switch can only be used normally when the bit controlled or user level controlled is released

24. Can kinseal HMI realize countdown startup?

Please refer to the macro instruction editing in our website air compressor project case project (refer to xtkj and xtkj1 macro instructions)

25. Does kinseal HMI have a timer? How to use it?

Please refer to the air compressor project case on our website, the macro instruction editor in the project

26. How to set user level password?

Open the kinseal Studio software and create a new project. Click the parameter setting in the system settings to pop up the touch screen parameter setting dialog box to set the user level password

27. How to import the formula?

To import a formula, you need to create a formula first, then export the formula first, and select a path to save it. To import a formula is to find the saved formula according to the path, and then click OK to import the formula successfully

28. Can kinseal HMI do GIF action?

Yes, open the kinseal Studio software to create a new project, click GIF display in the toolbar control to pop up the GIF display dialog box, click Select picture in the basic properties, be sure to select the picture in GIF format, after selecting the picture, click Run Test to see the GIF action.

29. How to realize the screen switching controlled by PLC program?

Open the kinseal Studio software to create a new project, click the PLC control in the system settings, pop up the PLC control dialog box, select the control screen switch, and then set a PLC address as the switch address. When the address value is equal to, it will jump to the first screen

30. How does kinseal HMI set the system time and date?

Open the kinseal Studio software to create a new project. Select the function button in the switch to set the system time. Download it to the touch screen and click the button to set the system time

31. A bit switch is made and the indicator light function is enabled. Why is there no state change when pressing this switch in the touch screen?

There is a monitoring address in the enable indicator function. If the same as the operation address is not checked, the indicator will be on only when the monitoring address is 1. If the same operation address is checked, the monitored address of the indicator is the switch itself. Press the switch to see the indicator light on

32. When Kingseal HMI uploads the configuration program, please input the upload password. How can I upload without password?

The password is set to prevent uploads

33. How many pictures can kinseal HMI support at most?

Kns035en series supports 200 pictures

Kns043en series supports 200 pictures

Kns070en series supports 100 pictures

34. What's the purpose of the permission setting "notification" in the bit button of kinseal Studio software?

Notification has two states: 0 and 1. For example, set a bit button, check notification in permission settings, set a notification address to 1, and when you press this button, the address in the notification will be 1

35. USB can't download the program. Why?

1. Conflict between USB driver and operating system

2. USB driver installation problem

3. There may be an error compiling the macro

4. Poor contact of USB cable

36. Why is the power light not on?

1. The power supply is damaged

2. Main board circuit fault

3. Insufficient power supply

37. Our company's website?


38. How to set the transparent switch?

Set a bit button, select the appearance setting, click no use picture in the appearance setting, and the background picture of the bit button disappears. When the transparency is set to 0, the transparency switch is set

39. What is the function of the formula, under what circumstances and how to use it?

For example: for example, a device needs to make three different kinds of drinks, mango, banana and strawberry

8: Mango flavor is produced between 00:00 and 10:00

10: Banana flavor is produced between 00:00 and 15:00

15: Strawberry flavor is produced between 00:00 and 20:00

The formula is the materials needed for the production of each flavor of beverage. Various proportions of materials are written into the formula, and the formula is called according to the program to produce

40. How to set the logo screen of the company?

When you open the new project of kinseal Studio software, the third step is to set a startup screen. If you want to set the startup screen to your company's logo, click the button under the image location to select the logo image made by your company

41. How to control one PLC with two touch screens?

One of them is connected with PLC, and the other is connected with the first screen. The two screens communicate directly with MODBUS master-slave. The main screen communicates with PLC, and transmits PLC data to the internal address with macro instructions. Then the secondary screen reads data from the internal address of the main screen.

42. My pictures are taken with a camera. Can the software automatically adjust the pixels?

No, the software does not have such a function. It needs to use graphics processing software, such as Photoshop, to reduce the image to the appropriate size and then load it for use

43. How to save real-time data?

No, the real-time curve, XY curve and alarm can't be saved, only the historical curve and historical alarm display can be saved after power failure

44. The HMI has a black screen when it is powered on, and it is normal when it is powered on again. It can't light up after the screen saver, and it has a black screen when it is in use

Cause analysis:

1. The black screen may be due to insufficient power supply voltage, power supply for other electrical appliances at the same time, and hardware quality problems

2. After the screen saver cannot be lit; quality problems, misoperation of the system control area

3. In the process of use, the screen is black, and the screen protection is set. The backlight protection is caused by excessive humidity

45. The HMI can't be touched. It's dead. The response is not sensitive. Why?

1. The program uses a lot of macros, such as the initial macro. Not finished or in a dead loop

2. Too much communication leads to low priority of touch screen

3. Communication failure

4. The touch screen panel is damaged

5. The touch panel connection is not plugged into the motherboard or loose

6. Touch panel quality problem


1. Check whether macro is used, and make improvement and optimization. Prevent the machine from entering the dead cycle

2. Reduce traffic. Can use test program, internal address, not connected to PLC, screen by screen test

3. Check communication, can use test program, internal address exclusion

4. Rework

5. Check connectivity

6. Rework

46. How to directly convert a 3.5-inch touch screen program into a 4.3-inch touch screen program? Are you in trouble?

Open the 3.5-inch touch screen program, then open the system parameters, and change the equipment model to kns043. After the conversion, the configuration, control position and size may need to be adjusted appropriately

47. How to control the start and stop of a frequency converter with HMI? How do you do it?

General frequency converter will support Modbus communication protocol. First of all, set communication related parameters on the frequency converter, set the frequency converter as Modbus communication channel, set the baud rate, station number, check bit, stop bit, etc. Then find the Modbus communication control command address of the frequency converter, which is the starting address of the frequency converter, open the kinseal Studio software, set the communication protocol to Modbus communication, and set the relevant communication parameters, which are the same as those set on the frequency converter. Then establish the corresponding control address on the screen, download the program to the screen after writing, connect the communication line between the touch screen and the inverter, and start the test

48. Is there any problem when HMI is used at high temperature?

Under the high temperature environment, semiconductor components, no matter as small as capacitance and resistance, as large as DSP and MCU, will have differences in characteristics. The use of over specification will lead to premature aging and even burnout of electronic parts

49. Can kinseal HMI connect mouse?

Not yet

50. Half of the HMI has a display and half has no display. What's the reason?

Most of the LCD has a problem, please contact us in time

51. What is the address range of HMI with memory?


52. The battery of HMI memory backup is dead. Can it be charged?

It can't be charged. If the battery is dead, it needs to be replaced

53. Can the 24 V power supply on PLC be used to power HMI?

Theoretically, it is possible, but we suggest that the HMI should be equipped with a separate power supply to avoid interference and undercurrent problems

54. If you copy a program to someone else, will your own library disappear?

No, our software engineering file contains the library

55. Where to set sampling period for historical trend chart?

Open data acquisition and set it in sampling mode

56. Does kinseal HMI support floating point numbers?


57. How to use one address to control screen switching?

In the system setting PLC control, check the control screen switching, set a word address, and use the value of this address to control the screen switching

58. Download the system time to the HMI. After the HMI is powered off, why does the system time change to 2005?

Maybe the battery inside the HMI is dead. Contact the manufacturer for repair

59. Can you copy and paste pictures between different programs?

Yes, it's very convenient

60. How many controls can be set in a single screen of kinseal HMI?

You can set up to 100 controls

61. When an alarm occurs, let the screen automatically switch to the alarm screen. How do you do it?

In the system setting PLC control, check the control screen switch and set the alarm address as the control address (the address here can only be a word address)

62. Is it OK to use the buzzer of HMI as an alarm?

The buzzer can be activated when the alarm is given, but if it is often used, it is recommended to have a separate alarm device

63. Does kinseal HMI support printers?

Currently, only micro printers are supported, other printers do not.

64. The touch panel in front of the touch screen is broken. Can it be replaced free of charge?

If it is caused by human factors, we do not provide free maintenance, we will charge maintenance fees

65. How to define the pins of kinseal HMI communication port?

1-pin none, 2-pin Rx, 3-pin TX, 4-pin KZ, 5-pin GND, 6-pin RX -, 7-pin RX +, 8-pin TX -, 9-pin TX+

Rx: RS232 communication receiver

TX: RS232 communication transmitter

KZ: control terminal

GND: ground terminal

RX -: RS422 communication reception-

RX +: RS422 communication reception+

TX -: RS422 communication transmission - / RS485 communication B

TX +: RS422 communication sending + / RS485 communication a

66. Turn on the inverter on the machine, and the touch screen communication is broken. Why?

It's very likely that it's disturbed by the inverter


Select shielded twisted pair, separate communication line and power line, good grounding, install magnetic ring for communication line, shield frequency converter with metal shell, etc

67. Can kinseal HMI connect to PROFIBUS bus?

Not yet

68. Can two programs be stored in one touch screen? Switch with a function key

No, only one program can be stored and run

69. The communication between HMI and PLC is very slow. Sometimes it takes several seconds to read data. Why?

1. The amount of data on a single screen is too large and the data is not continuous

2. A lot of macro instructions are used

3. It uses many controls that need a lot of data, such as formula, trend chart, etc

4. There was interference at the scene

How to deal with: the amount of data on a single page should not be too large, and the number of controls should not exceed 50. It is better to read the continuous address of PLC on the current page, shorten the time of data reading and writing, establish the appropriate total number of recipes, and the total number of data should be enough. Communication must be correctly grounded and shielded cable should be used.

70. How fast is the communication speed between kinseal HMI and PLC?

Kinseal HMI supports the speed of 230400bps. The actual speed depends on how much PLC can support

71. Can kinseal HMI be directly connected with frequency converter?

Kinseal HMI supports Modbus protocol. If the frequency converter also supports Modbus protocol, it can be easily connected

72. Which language is used to run kinseal HMI script?

C language, script writing can refer to our script writing help document

73. Kinseal HMI 035 Inch Touch Screen supports two-way RS485 communication mode. Can they communicate with two devices at the same time? Will it affect the communication speed?

Yes, it won't affect the communication speed

74. Kinseal HMI 035 inch touch screen only supports RS485 communication mode, but my device uses RS232 communication mode. What should I do?

If your device is not RS485 communication mode, you can convert the communication mode of your device into RS485 communication mode, and then communicate with our HMI

75. What is the I / O terminal on the kinseal HMI 035 inch for? Is it connected to PLC?

It is not connected to PLC, but can be connected to external devices, such as switches, relays, sensors, etc. to call macro instructions to make the switches, relays, sensors work when the conditions are met

76. There are many internal addresses in kinseal HMI. How are they defined?

Our help document has made a detailed description of the internal address, please read our help document carefully

77. Can kinseal HMI be used at minus 20 degrees?

If it must be used, please add insulation device to HMI

78. What is the memory capacity of kinseal HMI?


79. How to use the file protection in the system parameters of kinseal Studio software?

File protection refers to whether you need to enter a password to verify the opening of a project. It is to encrypt a written program to prevent others from viewing it. If you want to open the program, you must enter the password of the file protection settings

80. What is the initialization macro, what is the global macro, what is the screen macro, what is the button macro, what is the difference?

Initialization macro refers to the macro instruction that is executed only once when the condition is met. Global macro refers to the macro instruction that is executed all the time when the condition is met. Picture macro refers to the macro instruction that is executed only in the set picture when the condition is met. Button red refers to the macro instruction that is executed only when the condition is met by pressing the button.

81. How to set user level password?

In system settings, there are 8 user levels to open parameter settings, and users can set different levels of passwords according to their needs

82. Does kinseal HMI support Ethernet?

Not yet

83. Is kinseal HMI patented?

Yes, we have our own intellectual property rights

84. Can kinseal HMI communicate with 51 MCU?


85. Download the program to the touch screen, why restart it all the time?

Cause analysis: the lower program may not be up-to-date, the communication is unstable, and there are too many macro instructions created

86. We want to buy kinseal HMI, but we hope to change the logo of kinseal HMI to our company's, OK?

Please contact us for specific requirements

Can I / O terminals be added to 87, kinseal HMI 043 "and 070"?

Yes, but our developers haven't developed it yet

88. After installing the kinseal Studio software, click to open it, and the computer prompts that the normal initialization of the application (0xe0150002) fails. Please click "OK" to terminate the application. Why?

This is because the computer does not have a vcredist driver installed_ X86 (both 32-bit and 64 bit can be installed), download and install the driver to solve the problem, or find the driver installation in the installation directory of kinseal Studio software

89. What should we pay attention to when installing higher versions of kinseal Studio software?

When installing a higher version of software, please do not directly uninstall or delete the old version of software. When installing, you can directly override the old version of software,

Because when users write programs on the old version of the software, some gallery, pictures and other controls are saved in a gallery folder under the software installation directory when they save the program. If you directly uninstall, these data will also be unloaded. In this way, when you open these programs with the new version of the software, you will find that the gallery and pictures in the program disappear, so install the new version of the software It's OK to directly cover the old version of the software

90. What should be done to keep the HMI program intact and facilitate management?

The written HMI program is compressed and saved, so that the source program and data will not be lost, convenient for later use

91, win8 system can install kinseal Studio software?

Yes, but you need to disable digital signature when installing the driver. Please refer to the help in kinseal Studio software for specific operation

92. What are the restrictions on the use of macro instructions?

Up to 100 macro instructions are supported. Each macro instruction supports up to 50 address variable definitions. The initialization macro can only run the first 16. Please refer to the help in the software for details

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