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Application of Jinxi HMI in inverter

Time:2021-01-14 11:43:56 Moods:8777

1、 Introduction

The application of Jinxi HMI in frequency converter adopts Modbus protocol to communicate with the frequency converter to control the start and stop of the frequency converter and monitor the current, frequency and power of the frequency converter.

2、 Introduction of work and procedure

1. Equipment working screen: This screen displays the current working state of the equipment, and controls the start and stop, forward and reverse rotation of the equipment. Click the menu to switch the screen.

2. Operation information: display frequency, voltage, current and other information

3. Macro command: collect voltage and current to record daily and monthly energy consumption

3、 Key points of the project

(1) We can use the multi language function of Jinxi HMI to switch between Chinese and English

(2) Use the alarm function, for example, when the inverter overload, use the dynamic alarm bar to prompt

(3) For some calculation functions, macro can be used, such as energy consumption counting

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