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How to monitor and control the temperature on the touch screen of household dehumidifier

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Nowadays, with the continuous development of society and the improvement of people's quality of life, in order to create a healthy and comfortable living environment, the use of household dehumidifier is more and more widely. It keeps the space relatively dry, so that the articles and household appliances that are easy to be affected by moisture are not affected by moisture and mildew.


Dehumidifier can remove moisture and suspended particles through operation, and make the air dry. It is also an air purifier. Household dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier are widely used in all aspects of production and life. It creates a comfortable, dry and quiet modern living working space for users.



The main process of dehumidifier is: the adsorption turntable rotates slowly under the drive of the driving device. When the adsorption turntable reaches the saturated state in the air treatment area, it enters the regeneration area and is desorbed and regenerated by high-temperature air. This process starts again and again, and the dry air is continuously sent into the designated space after temperature adjustment, so as to achieve high-precision temperature and humidity control.



The dehumidifier uses Jinxi touch screen as the control unit, and collects temperature and humidity analog quantity through temperature and humidity sensor to realize the monitoring and control of temperature and humidity.


The main interface provides direct access to the required screen for operation, main control, temperature and humidity display setting, debugging, alarm, temperature and humidity trend.

Temperature and humidity display setting screen: the user can directly modify the parameters on the screen. The changes of temperature and humidity were observed. And the temperature deviation can be modified.

Delay setting screen: it is convenient for customers to set the delay start time according to their own situation to realize the optimization of resources.

Alarm screen: record the fault alarm of runner, fan and solenoid valve.

Temperature display curve: record the track of temperature and humidity to determine the effect of temperature and humidity control.

Main control screen: can control the start and stop of the machine, manual control of each output, mode selection

Dynamic display window: dynamic window screen can dynamically display the working condition of each component. The customer adjusts the machine according to the condition of each component.

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