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Shenzhen Jinxi intelligent control introduces the function of configuration software to you-Kinseal Intelligent Control Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd
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Shenzhen Jinxi intelligent control introduces the function of configuration software to you

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What is configuration software

It is also known as configuration monitoring software, which refers to the special industrial software that can monitor and control the process of data acquisition, and also refers to the software service platform and development work environment in the automatic control technology system monitoring. In fact, these softwares are also general software tools that can provide users with economic and rapid construction of industrial control system monitoring function through flexible configuration mode. Configuration software is widely used in many fields, such as machinery, automobile, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, water treatment and teaching process quality control.

Today, there are many professional manufacturers providing various configurations and software products in the world. A wide range of software products in the market have their own advantages and needs, and should be selected according to the actual project.

  1、 Configuration software function

            (1) By reading and writing different types of PLC, communication modules and industrial instruments, the feedback and control signals of industrial production site are collected, so as to monitor and control the situation of industrial site.

           (2) It can present information in visual images of industrial fields, such as graphics and animation, so as to facilitate the monitoring of control flow. It can also directly send commands to the control system to set the parameters of intervention process to control the industrial field.

           (3) PLC control system in the emergency working state, through the software interface, SMS, instant messaging software, voice and computer automatic voice and other means, timely inform the relevant personnel, can timely control the operation state of the automation system.

           (4) The logic sum of can be processed as digital operation of industrial field data, and the results are returned to the control system.

           (5) It can record and store the data information that can be obtained from the control management system and the enterprise's own development. When the system has accidents and failures, it can use the recorded operating condition data and historical data to compare and analyze the causes of system failures, market positioning, responsibility tracing, etc.

           (6) The operation status of the project, real-time data, historical data, alarm data and external database and statistical calculation results can be made into reports for operation and management personnel.

           (7) It can develop and provide a variety of specific functions for users to write their own needs, and integrate with configuration software as a whole for economic operation. Most configuration software companies provide C script, vbs script to complete this function.

           (8) By providing or receiving data for other applications, different system associations can be integrated.

           (9) Different configuration software can communicate with each other, provide client and server, realize distributed monitoring through information network technology, so as to realize complex system monitoring.

           (10) It can input the real-time information of PLC control system into the storage system, and also can receive the data of the control system.

           (11) The running mode of system engineering can be set up by security and user level management personnel.

           (12) It can be developed for the international market. The monitoring system can adapt to multi language interface and realize the engineering flexibility. Different languages, electromechanical and automation system engineering can switch freely between powerful weapons serving the international market.

           (13) The data of monitoring and management system can be released through TCP / IP to realize remote monitoring.

       2. The configuration software has the following characteristics:

           (1) Powerful function

               The configuration software provides abundant editing and drawing tools, including a set of windows style windows, menus, buttons, information areas, 

               toolbars, scrollbars, etc. The color screen provides great convenience for the normal operation of the equipment and the centralized monitoring of the 

               operator. The configuration software has powerful communication function and good openness. It can communicate with the data acquisition hardware 

               downward and manage the network upward.

          (2) The operation is simple and easy to learn

               Using configuration software does not need to understand programming language technology, even if there is no programming skills, according to the actual                situation of the project, using the underlying equipment PLC, intelligent instruments, intelligent modules, boards, inverters, etc., it provides I/ O-driven, open                  database and interface creation tool, which can draw complete, real-time data, historical data and curves, coexist with multimedia functions and network                        functions of complex projects.

          (3) Good expansibility

               The application research program developed by configuration software can easily complete the updating and upgrading of teaching software without too                      much modification when the field environmental conditions or user information needs are constantly changing.

          (4) Real time multitasking

               Engineering configuration software development, data acquisition and output, and data processing algorithm, interactive graphic display and multi task                          storage, retrieval, management, real-time communication, such as real-time data can run on the same computer at the same time. Configuration control                        technology is the development of computer control technology. From the major characteristics of hardware, configuration control technology is adopted in                   computer control system. The result of software development is configurable, which greatly improves the reliability and speed of system development,                           reduces the difficulty of development, and facilitates production management and maintenance of their visual graphical management function.

          3、 Configuration software structure

              1. From the development stage of software, we can see the composition of configuration system software

                  Configuration software consists of two parts: system development environment and system operation environment.

          (1) System development environment system development environment is the working environment that the automation system must rely on to implement the                   control scheme and generate the application system under the support of configuration software. The system development environment consists of several                   configuration programs, such as graphical interface configuration program, real-time database configuration program, etc.

        In the operating environment of the system

                (2) In the system operating environment, the target application is loaded into the computer's memory and operated in real time. In the program distribution                      system, the operating environment is composed of a plurality of programs, as described in the graphic interface, to run the program, such as real-time                            database to run the program. It can be run in the environment of cross platform applications and windows operating system. It can also be run on Linux                          and other  operating systems. It can also be run on embedded systems (such as embedded Linux, Android, etc.).

2. Software configuration software

From the software graphical user interface design and development work program, graphical interface operation control program, real-time information database configuration, real-time database operation program and I / O driver and so on.

(1) Project manager is the comprehensive environment of engineering project design and configuration. It has the functions of project construction, project management, I / O device driver setting, change point table generation, debugging and integrated management.

(2) Graphical user interface development program graphical user interface development program is a development environment for automation engineers to realize their own control scheme and generate graphics system with the support of graphics editing tools. Through the establishment of a series of user data files, the final graphical target application system is generated for graphical interface running program.

(3) The GUI program running under the system operating environment and the graphical target application program are loaded into the graphical interface of the computer memory to run the program and put into real-time operation.

(4) The real-time database system runs in the operating system environment. The program in the target system, the real-time database and its application are loaded into the memory of the computer program running in the real-time database system, and perform various scheduled data calculation and data processing tasks. Query, search, alarm, historical data management in real-time database system to run the program.

4、 Development trend of configuration software

With the continuous development of information technology and the continuous improvement of control system requirements, the development of configuration software is also moving towards a higher level and a wider range. Its development trend is shown in the following three aspects

(1) Integration and customization. As far as the software scale is concerned, the code scale of most of the existing monitoring configuration software is more than 1 million lines, which no longer belongs to the scope of small software. In order to give consideration to both "general" and "special" purposes, the monitoring configuration software expands a large number of components, and realizes the specific functions of batch management, accident recall, temperature control curve, protocol sending module, ODBC router, ADO curve, expert report, general report module, event management, GPRS transparent transmission module, etc.

(2) Up and down. Configuration software in the middle of the monitoring system, up and down interface has been relatively complete, therefore, the penetration of application system is a trend of software configuration. Specifically, it shows its increasingly powerful management ability, cooperation with its real-time database management system, and part of MIS, MES or scheduling functions, especially in the public security management and historical data retrieval, operation log management, report and other functions more complex common, with network management (or node manager) function, soft PLC and embedded control function declining day by day Specific performance, and with the OPC server and OPC customer capabilities.

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